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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Gas Fireplaces 101

Gas Fireplaces 101 

Transform cold winter nights with the warm and inviting ambiance of a gas fireplace. A bold addition to any room and an exciting selling feature, a gas fireplace is a luxurious upgrade to your home. Easy and affordable, many people are opting to replace their traditional wood-burning fireplace with gas. Enjoying those snowy winter nights with family and friends has never been easier. 
Opting for Gas
Gas fireplaces are quickly becoming a popular choice over wood-burning options. Low in cost, they offer flexibility in design and style and can be installed to any type of room. 
Gas Fireplaces operate with your home’s existing gas connection supplied by your local utility company. Propane options are available for residing in remote areas. Saving the hassle of chopping wood, a gas fireplace is controlled by an ignition switch. A safer choice, this also offers flexibility in temperature control.  
Environmentally friendly, gas burns cleaner than wood, producing less carbon emissions.  
Also energy efficient, a gas fireplace can help reduce your heating bills and add resale value to your home.
Available in three different options, choose your gas fireplace based on your home’s structure and heating needs.  
Natural Gas Inserts: Installed in your existing fireplace and vented through your chimney, this is similar to your previous fireplace, with the benefits of a gas upgrade.   
Free Standing Fireplaces: Similar to a wooden stove with all sides exposed, this fireplace provides the most heat. Versatile in design, this is a popular choice for basements, or living rooms. Venting options vary to suit your home. 
Zero-Clearance Fireplace: As the name suggests, this fireplace can be mounted against any wall or building material. Using direct venting, these fireplaces produce less heat but can be installed anywhere, making them a stunning display in any kitchen, bedroom or living spaces. 
Choosing a gas fireplace is like choosing a piece of art. With so many design options available, the gas fireplace has come a long way from the yellow flame. Cast iron inserts pay tributes to traditional designs, while modern steel mouldings can be customized in shape without sacrificing function. 
Hanging fireplaces compliment a country home as easily as a Manhattan loft. Designers today have created breathtaking displays in endless styles and colours. Your options are limitless when it comes to your luxurious new upgrade.  

There is a huge variation in quality and workmanship when it comes to gas fireplaces, do your homework read the reviews on line. This purchase can become very expensive with installation costs and upgrades. but with your families safety in mind sometimes you get what you pay for!

Todd Fryer